A little about me:
Hi there! I’m Airimir!
I’ve been a BJD hobbyist since 2007, and I’ve been practicing faceups since 2010. I’ve worked on all sizes and types of BJDs – from 11cm tiny dolls to 70cm large dolls, and all sizes in between, as well as many kinds of fantasy dolls. My most practiced styles are slightly-stylized natural, and fantasy, but I love the opportunity to paint dramatic styles too. I am pro-artist, and staunchly anti-recast. I will not work on recasts.

What I can do:
Faceups, body blushing, fantasy parts blushing, resin matching, manicure/pedicure, non-permanent burns & scars, hot glue sueding, re-stringing/tightening, seam sanding, cleaning, dyeing, additive and subtractive modifications, and repair work.

My Materials:
Zoukeimura Finishing Powder Spray UV-Cut
Winsor & Newton/Loew & Cornell/Artetje brushes
Zoukeimura/Rembrandt/Mungyo pastels
Golden/Liquitex/Zoukeimura artist acrylic paint
Zoukeimura acrylic paint thinner
Caran d’Ache/Derwent/Loew & Cornell watercolor pencils
Zoukeimura Shine Pearl, PearlEX pigments
Tamiya X-22 gloss (and gloss thinner)
Eyelashes – various colors
Leekeworld eyelash glue
hot glue
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Acetone/non-acetone nail polish remover/isopropyl alcohol/Winsor & Newton Brush cleaner
Apoxie Sculpt
Rit DyeMore, iDye Poly

What won’t you do?
I will not paint recasts. I have a zero-tolerance policy on recasts. If I learn that you have knowingly sent me a recast to paint, I will remove all painting I have done on it, send it back to you immediately, and I will not paint for you again.

I will not copy another artist’s faceup. I may use a similar design as someone else, but only if you show me that you have permission from the artist, and the doll’s owner, to do so. I will not copy one of my own faceups (unless you ask me to replace a faceup I painted for you before).

I will not take on large modifications unless I think I can manage them. In the case of a more complicated job I am always willing to attempt something, but only if you understand that it might not turn out well, and are willing to accept that risk.

How much can I send you at once?
I like to take no more than 3 or 4 dolls or heads at once. If I have any more than that, I will likely get overwhelmed and take too long to finish them all.

Where are you based?
I am based in Pennsylvania in the USA, but I will happily paint dolls from any country!

What if I want changes made?
While I am painting, I will show you periodic photo updates. Most of these will be of unsealed layers, including eyebrow shape, and eyelashes/eyeliner/lip lines/etc., so if you want to change it, I can take that last layer off and re-do it. I cannot make changes to any layers that have already been sealed, so I will have to charge extra to redo anything after it has been sealed – unless it is due to a mistake I make!

How long will it take?
My average turnaround time is 1-4 weeks for a faceup, maybe longer for full body blushing, starting on the day I receive your doll. It could theoretically take longer than that, depending on how many other things I am painting at the time. This does not account for any time where I am waiting for a response from you. If I have asked for your input on something, I will not continue until you give me the go-ahead. So if you take a week to respond to me, that will add to the time it takes for me to complete the work.
Sometimes weather -specifically, high humidity- causes issues with sealant, so some days I may need to err on the side of caution, and wait for the weather to be better before I can do any more work.
I will always make sure to let you know if I will need to take longer for any reason.

What types of payment do you take? When do you take payment?
I prefer to accept Paypal. I will accept any form of Paypal payment, but it must clear into my account before I send your doll back to you. I will also consider a personal check or money order, but again, it must clear into my account before I ship your doll back.

For shop purchases, Paypal checkout (including Paypal’s credit card options) is available.

For services, I take payment when the work has been completed. I send you an invoice after the final gloss and/or eyelash application has dried, and the doll has been packed up and weighed for return shipping.

For within the US, I very highly recommend USPS Priority Mail with full insurance for shipping your doll, both ways. I would suggest calculating the amount it would take you to replace the doll itself, as well as the cost of the commission, should the USPS damage the package and doll while on its way from me to you. If you are concerned about packages being stolen from your porch or mailbox, I would also recommend that you purchase a signature confirmation service.
For international shipping, I would recommend any type of shipping that will allow you to fully insure your doll. On the other hand, I am also happy to mark down the value of the package for customs, or mark as gift if you would like; that is entirely up to you. However, I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to your doll in transit, if you do not choose to insure your doll for its full worth.
Shipping for shop purchases uses a flat rate shipping via USPS.