Aesthetic Service Pricing

55cm and up – 40 USD
30cm-45cm range – 35 USD
26cm and under – 30 USD
Additional charge of 3 USD to apply upper eyelashes. Send your own, and I will apply them for free. Additional charge of 2 USD to supply a face cover if requested.

Body blushing:
55cm and up – 55 USD
30cm-45cm range – 50 USD
26cm and under – 45 USD

Traditional sueding:
55cm and up – 50 USD
30cm-45cm range – 45 USD
26cm and under – 40 USD
For this service I use real suede. I can obtain vegan options if requested, for an additional fee.

Seam sanding|Manicure/Pedicure:
55cm and up – 30 USD
30cm-45cm range – 25 USD
26cm and under – 20 USD

Hot glue sueding|Cleaning|Re-stringing:
55cm and up – 20 USD
30cm-45cm range – 15 USD
26cm and under – 10 USD

Subtractive modifications:
Eye openings – pre-bevelled eyewells 20 USD all sizes; no eyewells 30 USD all sizes
Ear piercings – 5 USD per hole, all sizes
Bust reduction – starts at 30 USD, plus additional 10 USD per rough cup size removed (for example, a medium bust down to a small bust would be 40 USD, while an extra large bust all the way down to a small bust would be 60 USD)

Additive modifications:
Elf ear additions – 60 USD all sizes
Gappy eyewell fix (must send actual eyes for specific fit) – 20 USD all sizes
Eye closing – half closed 30 USD; fully closed 50 USD

Dyeing Services:

Basic Package
single color full body job
Deluxe Package
gradients, multiple colors, vitiligo
55cm and up – 100 USD 55cm and up – 125 USD
30cm-45cm range – 75 USD 30cm-45cm range – 100 USD
26cm and under – 50 USD 26cm and under – 75 USD

Dyeing services are done using synthetic material dyes. Basic single colors (black, blue, red, etc) may be done with iDye Poly, or Rit DyeMore. I can also offer special custom color requests using Rit DyeMore. Please review Rit’s website for available options:

DyeMore Formulas – Rit Dye

Both dye service packages include a pre-dye cleaning, and touch-ups and error fixes if necessary.

Services for Frappzilla Dandelion Blooms
In the spirit of Frappzilla’s affordable Blooms and Seedlings, I am offering discounted rates on aesthetic services for these kits.
Kit sanding – 20 USD
Kit assembly – 5 USD
Faceup – 10 USD
Body Blushing – 15 USD

Other services:
Fantasy parts blushing, permanent scars, other repairs, and other modifications not listed here all vary depending on the complexity of what you want. Fantasy faceups with lots of extras (like special paint patterns, textures, sequins or rhinestones, etc) may also cost more. Get in touch so we can discuss what you need, and I’ll give you a quote!

Special notes
–For the gappy eyewell fix, please send the specific pair of eyes you want to fit. If I use a pair of eyes I just happen to have around, they will be different from the eyes you plan to use, so your own eyes might still not fit properly afterwards. I take the utmost care of your eyes while working on the modification. I wrap them tightly in plastic wrap to protect them from being scratched by epoxy. I do it with every eye, though it is a bigger concern for more easily-scratched urethane and acrylic eyes.
–Please feel free to send along your doll’s eyes and wig if you’d like to see the complete look before I send it back to you.
–I’ll do my very best to follow your requests. Bear in mind though, that I follow a particular style, and am not perfect. If you don’t like my style, I won’t be able to change it.
–I consider a slot officially booked once I have confirmation that you have shipped your item out.
–I am in a non-smoking household, but I do have two cats.