The White Tree Aesthetic Services


The process – please read this information thoroughly!

If you would like me to paint one of your dolls, please fill out the appropriate form.

-Please double check that I am currently open.
-Please make sure to fill the form out completely, and use your real name, address, and Paypal email. If any of that information is wrong, it can slow the process when it comes time to invoice you and ship your doll back.
-Please make sure to use an email address that you access regularly, as it will be our main point of contact and how I will communicate with you.
-Also make sure to be specific with return shipping – if you want your doll insured for the return trip, please give the specific total amount of insurance you would like on it.

After I have received your form, I will then get in touch with you to work out any other details.

You will then ship your doll to me, and I will start painting once I receive it. I will show you a series of progress photos as I work – some as proof that I am working on your doll, and some to verify that you like things like eyebrow shape, lip color, etc. I will do this until I am done with the faceup.

I will then package the doll and get a shipping quote for your package, then invoice you, and ship the doll back to you after you have paid the invoice.

My normal turnaround time is generally 1-4 weeks. But it could take longer than that, depending on how many other commissions I have, how many different things your doll needs, how many changes I need to make throughout the process, and how long it takes you to respond to any messages I send you.

Faceup Commission Form

Other Services Commission Form